GDPR Policy

SWS (Sussex Watercolour Society) GDPR policy

The SWS holds personal data on its members including E-mail addresses, addresses, telephone contact numbers and bank details.

Personal data will be held by the SWS for all current members.

Personal data will be held by the SWS in data files that are stored on password protected personal computers and laptops.

If a member ceases to be a member, their personal data will be deleted, unless the ex-member wishes his or her data to be left on file.

Personal data are used by the SWS for business purposes only, including sharing information about forthcoming exhibitions, SWS meetings and other matters that could be of interest to SWS members.

Bank details are used by the SWS to allow transfer of money.

Personal data (except bank details) are shared with other SWS members for communication purposes only.

SWS members accept that it is their responsibility not to pass personal information of fellow members on to third parties without prior consent from the member(s) involved.

SWS members understand that being part of a ‘data sharing community’ carries the risk that personal data are not secure

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