Alison Sibley

Painting is an extension of my imagination, a way of expressing how I feel about colour, pattern and texture. I may start out with specific subject matter, but I like to let the paint speak for itself, which is why I love watercolour. It also lends itself to experimentation, and combined with other media is diverse and interesting. Much of my work is now on canvas.

My paintings usually start with a structural base, layered up with a mix of collage, sometimes relating to the subject. Although I like atmosphere and space, I also get excited about structures and architecture, which I build up with pattern, collage and paint. I also like to think that there are stories in my paintings that invite speculation - a throwback perhaps to the days when I was a magazine editor.

I am a member of various artists' groups, including the Sussex Watercolour Society and the Association of Sussex Artists, and exhibit regularly each year wherever I can, including in London and abroad. Many of my paintings are available as prints.


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  1. Alison Gusterson avatar
    Alison Gusterson Mar 20, 2017

    Love your work Alison, inspirational. Good to meet you today at Seawhites. ߑ