Maggie Cummings

Maggie’s main interest has always been in watercolour painting, starting with natural forms to her present work in which she exploits the luminous qualities of transparent watercolour. The colours are applied using many washes with large goat hair and sable brushes.

This technique is well suited to Maggie’s interest in the Aurora Borealis with their trailing veils and curtains of light colouring the night sky, first seen when living on the prairies of Western Canada.

Maggie is increasingly interested in industrial landscapes – the docks and disused collieries, copper, steel and iron works of South Wales and the brooding hills that surround them.

Some of Maggie’s abstract work has been exhibited at the Mall Galleries with the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours. One of her pictures won the 2012 GreatArt Award for “an exhibit of exceptional work”.

In 2014, Maggie exhibited at the Dylan Thomas centenary exhibition at Swansea Museum. Her painting "...the lovely, ugly town...", was purchased by the museum for its permanent collection.


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