Jan Irvine

Alongside working for years as an illustrator, figurative drawing and painting has always been my passion, and in the last few years in particular, working from the moving body. Could be dance, performance or sport; anything that appeals to me.
Until I started travelling, (e.g. to Cuba or Spain to draw samba, salsa and flamenco), I nearly always used charcoal and pastels for speed, but for convenience this time, I turned to watercolour. This freed me up to travel lighter and work more inconspicuously in situ.

I have also just discovered landscape painting; something that didn't appeal or suit my style, I thought. However, by using ink, and working from memory and feelings only, I have by-passed any traditional approach I might have had. It's all about impressions and emotions that I have absorbed from walks in the Sussex landscape and surrounding countryside.

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