Karen Munck

Karen Munck FCSD, SGFA


After an academic training at Croydon College of Art I completed a post graduate fellowship at the School of Advanced Studies in Manchester before embarking on a career as a highly successful international designer. Having worked for many years as a designer I have, in recent years, returned to my first loves, painting and printmaking.

All my life I have carried sketchbooks which provide a rich record of visual references of wherever I travel.

The beach at Shoreham, where I live, is an endless source of inspiration; the weather - extreme, the textures - endless, the colours and forms - a particular stimulus, a place of constant change and variety.  Apart from the beach my subjects are frequently exotic landscapes, in Morocco, Spain and elsewhere.

I tend to work in series whether painting or printmaking and I am more interested in exploring the subject or medium than producing works and editions in large numbers.

I have exhibited in solo and group shows in the UK and Europe and have works in private collections both here and abroad.



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