Lucy Marks

As a contemporary landscape painter, Lucy’s work is always inspired by an actual place, Lucy sketches outside and then uses her sketchbook as her primary source in the studio. Lucy aims to create a sense of place, a mood; more of an emotional response to the landscape than any representational place. It is the energy of nature and the natural world that Lucy captures in her work.  Based on the coast in Sussex, Lucy’s work is inspired by the coastal scenes and South Downs.

Whilst painting largely in watercolour, Lucy combines water-soluble materials such as acrylics, water-soluble sticks and watercolour pencils to add mark-making.  She likes to push boundaries and use the materials in creative and contemporary ways.

Lucy has had her waterbased media work exhibited with the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, ING Discerning Eye, the Society of Women Artists, the National Open, and the Griffin Open.  Lucy has shown her waterbased media in many exhibitions including the American Embassy Earth Exhibition.  In 2017, Lucy won the St Cuthbert's Mill Award in The Artist and Leisure Painter Patching Art Centre Competition.

Lucy holds an MA in Fine Art.  Lucy's website is: 

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